Once every now and then an opportunity arises that’s too hard to miss. Last Friday was one of those days. On the Thursday before I received a phone call. This phone call was inviting me along to a tour of one of Australia’s most exclusive and hidden car collections. On the Friday morning, the boss and I attended a secret location and met up with the owner, who asked to remain anonymous. I knew of some of the cars we were about to see, but I truly had no idea. We walked into the garage and were confronted with two whole levels of cars under covers.





We went to each car and lifted the covers. First in the line was a flawless Ferrari F40, one of the rarest sights in Australia. Next to the F40 was a Ferrari Monza, while this car was just a replica, it was incredibly hard to tell the difference. Next in this isle was a completely original 1954 Mercedes 300SL convertible, next to that a Jaguar XJ220 and then another 300SL, but this time a Gullwing version (rumoured to be worth $1million).



We crossed the isle and checked out a new Ford GT which the owner said, despite its reputation was a joy to drive, a real drivers car. Further down the line was a Porsche 959, another rare sight for Australians. Next to the 959 was something truly amazing; a Jaguar D-type race car. The owner was nice enough to start this up for us…the sound…oh the sound.



We walked down to the next level. First up is a genuine White with blue stripes Shelby GT500 with a black with gold stripes Shelby GT350 behind it; both of these cars signed by Carol Shelby himself. Across from these was what was a Lotus described to us as the rarest car in the world.




The owner then said to us “next we’ll look at the Carrera GT.” Of course we started heading for the silver 2005 Carrera GT. He quickly diverted us to another car…a 356 Carerra GT. We checked out both GTs and then our attention was brought to the “race car” section.



In this section there was not one but two Australian Grand Prix winning cars driven by Jack Brabham. There were Brabham cars, Lotuses and even an Opel. We previously mentioned a replica Ferrari Monza…well in the middle of the race car section was the real deal in perfect condition, rumoured to be worth somewhere between $4million and $5million.


These are all cars I have loved since I was a child, and it was near impossible to get the smile of my face while I was there. We’d like to extend a huge thanks to the owner of these treasures. We ask that if any of our readers know who owns the cars or where they are hidden that you respect his wishes and refrain from posting such information. If you’d like to see more pictures from our visit head over to our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/streetfx.



Full gallery below:

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