Quite frequently we have customers ask us whether or not aftermarket or tinted tail lights comply with the Australian Design Rules. This is by no means “legal” advice, but it may help you get out of a bind if a police officer issues a fine for such an offence. Please note that we are *not* road worthy assessors, nor are we police, so this should be just considered general information and not necessarily an iron clad defence should your slammed commodore with black spray painted tail lights gets defected! Again – This information is provided simply for your interest, not as legal advice.

Please also note that this information is extracted from the QLD  Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995

Transport Operations (Road Use Management—Vehicle Standards and Safety) Regulation 2010


This may vary in some states, but it is generally similar across Australia.

Tail lights:
71 Performance of tail-lights
 (1) When on, a tail-light of a vehicle must—
 (a) show a red light visible 200m from the rear of the
 vehicle; and
 (8) not use over 7W.
And in regards to brake lights:
83 Performance and operation of brake lights
 (1) When on, a brake light must show a red light visible 30m from the rear of the vehicle.

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