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Meet the most dangerous road in the world, The Great Atlantic Road!

Take a first person view along the Atlantic Ocean Road! Bends, twists, wildlife and spectacular scenery are the ingredients that transform an Atlantic road trip in one of the most beautiful experiences in your life!
The 8.3 km long Atlantic Ocean Road is connecting the cities Molde and Kristiansund, urban centers of the region located in the fjords of western Norway. The road starts approximately 30 miles southwest of Kristiansund and ends 47 miles north of Molde, Mediafax.


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Mick Sigsworth’s Ultimate CARBON EVO build by PMQ and GT Auto Garage

Every now and then, there is a vehicle build that literally blows everything else out of the water. Mick Sigsworth’s carbon fibre Mitsubishi Evolution 9 is just one of those! From the day we learned of this mysterious build, we knew it was something special. Several times we visited GT Auto Garage, and many a time, I tried to peak behind a temporarily propped up curtain in the back room – only to be greeted by Dave telling us “not yet, out!” with a big grin on his face. We had no idea just what was behind that curtain until now, and quite simply, it is stunning!

The time has come that we are finally able to show some pictures of this beautiful monster built by PMQ and GT Auto Garage. When speaking to some of those involved with the build, one of the first points brought up is the absolutely stunning carbon work by Brad at Cawthorne Composites.

Some people may remember Mick’s EVO in it’s previous guise, a award winning Time Attack build, but it was relatively meek in comparison to this latest iteration. Here are some “before” shots.


I bet this Evo had no idea what it was in for, back in the day this picture was taken ;)



When we spoke to Tim from GT Auto, he stated “GT AUTO GARAGE are proud to be a part of Mick Sigsworths EVO”M” Project over the past 8 months of build it has undergone some major changes and with testing nearly here we have been given the opportunity to release pictures of his new look EVO 9 before it hits the track.  Awesome work by all involved in this project and can’t wait to see it on the track”

Undergone […]

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A Truly Amazing Collection

Once every now and then an opportunity arises that’s too hard to miss. Last Friday was one of those days. On the Thursday before I received a phone call. This phone call was inviting me along to a tour of one of Australia’s most exclusive and hidden car collections. On the Friday morning, the boss and I attended a secret location and met up with the owner, who asked to remain anonymous. I knew of some of the cars we were about to see, but I truly had no idea. We walked into the garage and were confronted with two whole levels of cars under covers.



We went to each car and lifted the covers. First in the line was a flawless Ferrari F40, one of the rarest sights in Australia. Next to the F40 was a Ferrari Monza, while this car was just a replica, it was incredibly hard to tell the difference. Next in this isle was a completely original 1954 Mercedes 300SL convertible, next to that a Jaguar XJ220 and then another 300SL, but this time a Gullwing version (rumoured to be worth $1million).

We crossed the isle and checked out a new Ford GT which the owner said, despite its reputation was a joy to drive, a real drivers car. Further down the line was a Porsche 959, another rare sight for Australians. Next to the 959 was something truly amazing; a Jaguar D-type race car. The owner was nice enough to start this up for us…the sound…oh the sound.

We walked down to the next level. First up is a genuine White with blue stripes Shelby GT500 with a black with gold stripes Shelby GT350 behind it; both of these cars signed by […]

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Are Tinted Tail Lights Illegal in Australia? What you need to know from the ADR’s

Quite frequently we have customers ask us whether or not aftermarket or tinted tail lights comply with the Australian Design Rules. This is by no means “legal” advice, but it may help you get out of a bind if a police officer issues a fine for such an offence. Please note that we are *not* road worthy assessors, nor are we police, so this should be just considered general information and not necessarily an iron clad defence should your slammed commodore with black spray painted tail lights gets defected! Again – This information is provided simply for your interest, not as legal advice.


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A Practical Lesson About the Mazda Rotary Engine… (Model Aoshima Single Rotor Demo)

We love this little toy so much that we bought every last unit from Aoshima before they were discontinued :)


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The StreetFX Toyota 86, Widebody 600hp Turbocharged and Supercharged FA20 Epic Build!

OK, so we might have gotten a little carried away with our company toy. Follow us on our journey of insanity!

What started out as a stock Toyota 86 (Scion FR-S) is now far from it. Soon she will be a fire breathing twincharged widebody monster, pushing out over 500hp!


If you own an 86, you should DEFINITELY check these two links out:

1) The 86/FRS/BRZ specials on StreetFX store here:  Toyota 86 (BRZ/86/FRS) Store

2) The 86forums.com here: 86Forums Community

Here we will give a bit of a run down of the more important milestones during the build.

The original build thread on 86forums.com is here: BUILD THREAD


Anyway, here is a list of modifications to date, along with some interesting pictures that show its progression from stock, placid little old 86, to a monster!



2012 Toyota 86 GTS (current specs, in transition to epic phase)

AVO Turbo kit
AVO Dump pipe
AVO front mount intercooler
Perrin cold air intake
EcuTek ECU with AVO stage 1 tune
MCA “Red Series” coilovers
Invidia titanium tipped exhaust
Invidia front pipe/cat
Perrin overpipe
HKS Oil cooler kit
BRZ Side fender garnishes
Concave concepts CC03 19×9.5in rims
Toyo Proxes R888 235/35/19 semi slicks
StreetFX slimline license plate bracket
StreetFX LED upgrade (inside and out\
AP Racing brakes front and rear
Cusco Front strut brace
Cusco Rear Strut brace
Cusco front and rear tow hooks
Perrin transmission support mount
TRD Bodykit (front/side/rear/boot lip)
24LED License plate light modules
CaFi 62100 Android head unit with OBD2 interface
Valenti “SG” Tail lights
Valenti “SG” foglight/reverse light with StreetFX brakelight modification
Beatsonic sharkfin roof antenna
StreetFX chrome mirror indicator bulbs
Hertz 3-way front splits
Hertz 10″ sub in Hertz box
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) interfaced with head unit video feed
Mongoose reverse camera
JPM Coachworks instrument gauge cluster cover
Rocket Bunny Widebody Kit
RPS Carbon Clutch
CC02 custom wheels (18in track)
Seibon Carbon Fibre bonnet
Rocket Bunny Wing
Greddy Evo 3 Exhaust

Purchased but not yet fitted:

Spare engine […]

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Five of the world’s worst rims..



Well, we always love watching horrible things – you know,  like train wrecks.. Let’s check out some of the worst rims in history!


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Hydrographics, coolest way to spice up your ride! :O

Your TE37 wheels not available in carbon finish? Or maybe you want to add some airbrushed skulls to your dashboard, and something even crazier and more detailed? Well Hydrographics is pretty awesome! We have seen it floating around for a while (pun intended!), but some of the examples in this video are awesome!


While you’re here, check out these cool items:



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StreetFX does Modball Rally Australia, Sydney to Brisbane, 2013



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