Kamakaze Drifters Taking Over Major Australian Highway :O Dangerous or in Control?

S13 and an AE86 took over the highway and performed some pretty crazy (but skillful) manoeuvres between passing traffic over one of the busies highways in Melbourne…

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While it’s probably not the safest thing, these guys actually seemed to be in control.. Best to keep it to the track though :\

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Coolest Cop Ever! Ends Up Driving A Lamborghini :)

While on the Bullrush Rally across Australia (raising money for charity), we got tailed by the cops and told to wait at a truck stop so he could chat to us.

We considered doing a runner, as he had already been picking off some of the cars (one of the Lambo’s had just been pulled over and we weren’t sure what he wanted).

Instead though, we did the right thing and waited.. He turned out to be one of the most legendary cops ever!

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Listen to him as he talks about not wanting to give us a hard time, just that we need to understand the average road user may freak out when seeing 20 wide, low and loud supercars in small country towns.

When asked if he wanted to come for a spin in my Lambo, he jumped at the chance. After a short drive, I asked if he wanted to drive himself.. Well, here’s the video :)

Much respect to this South Australian police officer.. Dear SAPOL – you did a great job with this copper :)

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StreetFX VR38 Toyota 86 Motive DVD “In The Build” Video


Syndicated content from MotiveDVD
Posted on October 5, 2016 by Andrew Hawkins

Incase you hadn’t noticed,our friends at StreetFX Motorsports and Graphics have been blowing up the internet with their VR38 powered Toyota 86 built by GT Auto Garage. It’s one of the craziest builds out there and has been happening alongside our VR38 powered R34 GT-R, Erubisu, build. The Albins 6-Speed sequential and Direct Clutch Services clutch was designed for both cars together. The 86 is rear wheel drive though, but will be shooting for over 1000hp as well. We caught up with Mark Trueno to have a chat and a closer look.




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Dom’s Monster 1000hp R34 Skyline GT-R with 6 speed sequential box.

Dom’s Monster 1000hp R34 Skyline GT-R with sequential box.
Article by Andrew Hawkins, Syndicated from MotiveDVD.com with permission.

Dominic Russo, the founder of Autostyle Performance Cars, is a icon and veteran of the GT-R tuning scene in Australia since the late 90s. He has imported, built, raced and owned some of the most influential and wild GT-Rs in Australia, such as TOF55T, FLYBY, DARDVL and FEERME R32 GT-Rs, a Mines R34 replica and a Top Secret R33 GT-R, just to name a few.

Dom has driven countless amounts of exotics, supercars and modified cars but has always been drawn back to the legendary GT-R, so you would expect his personal GT-R to be a little special, and you would be right.

A 1000hp might seem relatively normal for a GT-R these days, but when its a full street car that is street driven, it’s a little different.

A Maatouk’s Racing built full-house RB26 and a giant Precision Turbo makes the power, not just on the dyne, but every day on the street.

A Haltech ECU controls the show and a Haltech logging dash keeps an eye on engine vitals. A Holing 6-speed sequential transmission ensures the power makes it to the ground.

The car has monster Brembo GT brakes all round that require 19-inch wheels for the street, although 18s with drag radials can be made to fit for racing.

Exterior wise, it’s pretty stock except for the Z-Tune bonnet and the matt silver plastic-dip paint job is menacing.

The story of Dom’s business, Autostyle, and his GT-R tourney is pretty special, along with his R34 GT-R. You can hear the story and see the car in action in the latest Born This Way episode from Nulon Oils. Don’t forget to subscribe to see […]

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“STOP A DOUCHEBAG” Insane Russian Vigilante Organisation

If you’ve surfed the net in the last 10 years, chances are you will have come across countless compilations of deranged Russian drivers driving like lunatics – often severely injuring other citizens, if not killing them. It is not unheard of for drivers to completely disregard laws and legislation stopping them from parking or driving in certain places – for example, driving on footpaths as if they are an extension of the road.


Law enforcement fail to crack down on these drivers, so StopXam (translates to ‘Stop a Douchebag’) formed and decided to start taking a stand approximately one year ago. The gang patrol the most populated streets of Russia where drivers are most likely to break the law.

The group approach these vehicles and essentially block them from proceeding, forcing them to reverse their car all the way back to where they started. If the driver refuses, they receive a gigantic sticker across their windscreen which reads in Russian “I Spit on Everybody, I Drive However I Want.”. As you’ll see, it completely blocks their vision, and certainly isn’t easily removed on the spot. How inconvenient.

As we know, approaching any unusual vehicle in Russia could mean life or death. Watch below to see just what we’re talking about – the ending is extremely satisfying!

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“If my lane runs out and I am in front I always have right of way.” WRONG!

“If my lane runs out and I am in front I always have right of way.” INCORRECT. If your lane comes to an end with dotted lines you must give.. (read more)

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Mick Sigsworth’s Ultimate CARBON EVO build by PMQ and GT Auto Garage

Every now and then, there is a vehicle build that literally blows everything else out of the water. Mick Sigsworth’s carbon fibre Mitsubishi Evolution 9 is just one of those! From the day we learned of this mysterious build, we knew it was something special. Several times we visited GT Auto Garage, and many a time, I tried to peak behind a temporarily propped up curtain in the back room – only to be greeted by Dave telling us “not yet, out!” with a big grin on his face. We had no idea just what was behind that curtain until now, and quite simply, it is stunning!

The time has come that we are finally able to show some pictures of this beautiful monster built by PMQ and GT Auto Garage. When speaking to some of those involved with the build, one of the first points brought up is the absolutely stunning carbon work by Brad at Cawthorne Composites.

Some people may remember Mick’s EVO in it’s previous guise, a award winning Time Attack build, but it was relatively meek in comparison to this latest iteration. Here are some “before” shots.


I bet this Evo had no idea what it was in for, back in the day this picture was taken ;)



When we spoke to Tim from GT Auto, he stated “GT AUTO GARAGE are proud to be a part of Mick Sigsworths EVO”M” Project over the past 8 months of build it has undergone some major changes and with testing nearly here we have been given the opportunity to release pictures of his new look EVO 9 before it hits the track.  Awesome work by all involved in this project and can’t wait to see it on the track”

Undergone […]

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Power Torque Engines

People can be quite careful when it comes to choosing a workshop to mod or service their pride and joy. Power Torque Engines follow the philosophy of “do it right, do it once” so it’s no wonder Bentley and Audi R8 owners are trusting them with their rides. Owners Shaun Henrich and Mark McLaughlin and workshop manager Ian Mack always make sure the customer knows exactly what they’re going to get when Power Torque works on their car.

Power Torque started in 2001 out of a race engine building business. In the early days, the business was building engines for touring cars, super tourers and what’s now known as V8 Supercars. Initially Power Torque was involved in the development of the tuning software for the LS1. At the time this was very primitive and not particularly user friendly. These days, the software is much easier to use and more readily available.

Power Torque is now the Queensland distributor for Walkinshaw Performance Products and they have several Walkinshaw Performance agents under them throughout Queensland. They are also the largest Harrop Performance dealer in Queensland, specialising in superchargers.

As well as Walkinshaw Performance and Harrop, Power Torque also deals in VCM Suite. Their services include engine tuning, dyno services (2WD & 4WD), Supercharger installs, performance exhausts and brakes and specialised engine building. Power Torque doesn’t just cater for the V8 players; they also have a strong presence in the European tuning market with VW and Audi being their most popular models.

Along with Shaun, Mark and Ian, there are only a small number of staff members. Shane Alex takes care of the engine builds and supercharger fitment. Mitch Sloane also fits the superchargers and takes care of the […]

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The Nawtii S14 Slider


Kate Burrows has always loved the Series 2 S14s; in fact it was her dream car. So she bought herself this 1998 Series 2 S14 200sx and set out to make into a clean daily driven drift car.

The car is powered by a Black Top SR20DET with VCT. The engine gets a bit of extra power from a pod filter, 440cc injectors, T28 ball bearing turbo, Turbosmart 2 stage boost controller and a custom stainless steel exhaust. The exhaust is made up of cast turbo manifold, 3 inch stainless steel pipes, hi-flow cats with twin 3 inch A spec blast pipes with burnt tips.

To deal with the pressures of drifting, Kate has upgraded the driveline and included an Exedy Heavy Duty clutch, Exedy performance pressure plate and Nismo lightened flywheel. She’s also upgraded the diff to a 4:1 Viscous LSD. The standard brake pads weren’t quite up to scratch so Kate has upgraded to Bendix Sports all round.

The suspension has had a fair chunk of work done to it as well. Section RMA 8 dampers front and rear, 10kg springs up front and 12kg springs in the rear and Whiteline front strut brace make things a little easier for Kate to control the S14 on track. The wheels are none other than Work VS MX measuring 17×8.5 -11 up front and 17×9.5 +15 on the rear wrapped in Federal 595 235/45/17s.

To fit the wheels Kate has had the front guards rolled and the rears pulled. A more aggressive look is achieved using a Trial front bar and side skirts and ADM rear bar with pods. HID head lights make things easier to see on night time track adventures.

The interior is mostly stock with an Autometer […]

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