Dom’s Monster 1000hp R34 Skyline GT-R with sequential box.

Article by Andrew Hawkins, Syndicated from with permission.

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Dominic Russo, the founder of Autostyle Performance Cars, is a icon and veteran of the GT-R tuning scene in Australia since the late 90s. He has imported, built, raced and owned some of the most influential and wild GT-Rs in Australia, such as TOF55T, FLYBY, DARDVL and FEERME R32 GT-Rs, a Mines R34 replica and a Top Secret R33 GT-R, just to name a few.


Dom has driven countless amounts of exotics, supercars and modified cars but has always been drawn back to the legendary GT-R, so you would expect his personal GT-R to be a little special, and you would be right.


A 1000hp might seem relatively normal for a GT-R these days, but when its a full street car that is street driven, it’s a little different.


A Maatouk’s Racing built full-house RB26 and a giant Precision Turbo makes the power, not just on the dyne, but every day on the street.


A Haltech ECU controls the show and a Haltech logging dash keeps an eye on engine vitals. A Holing 6-speed sequential transmission ensures the power makes it to the ground.


The car has monster Brembo GT brakes all round that require 19-inch wheels for the street, although 18s with drag radials can be made to fit for racing.


Exterior wise, it’s pretty stock except for the Z-Tune bonnet and the matt silver plastic-dip paint job is menacing.


The story of Dom’s business, Autostyle, and his GT-R tourney is pretty special, along with his R34 GT-R. You can hear the story and see the car in action in the latest Born This Way episode from Nulon Oils. Don’t forget to subscribe to see three new videos each month.