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How To Guide: AWD Donuts in a Lamborghini Huracan (aka Destroying $2500 Worth of Rubber)

Just in case you were wondering about what you needed to do when you get your Lamborghini in a nice large clear area, we talk you through the process… Along with some visual aids :) […]

Kamakaze Drifters Taking Over Major Australian Highway :O Dangerous or in Control?

S13 and an AE86 took over the highway and performed some pretty crazy (but skillful) manoeuvres between passing traffic over one of the busies highways in Melbourne…

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Coolest Cop Ever! Ends Up Driving A Lamborghini :)

While on the Bullrush Rally across Australia (raising money for charity), we got tailed by the cops and told to wait at a truck stop so he could chat to us.

We considered doing a runner, […]

StreetFX VLOG Episode 1 – 1300hp Toyota 86, $500k vs $10k drag build, Project RX7, Lambo launch control & 0-100 times.

Well, we have long considered working on our YouTube Channel as per a lot of our viewer’s requests.. And here it is!

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Episode 1, […]

StreetFX VR38 Toyota 86 Motive DVD “In The Build” Video


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Posted on October 5, 2016 by Andrew Hawkins

Incase you hadn’t noticed,our friends at StreetFX Motorsports and Graphics have been blowing up the internet with their VR38 powered Toyota 86 built by GT […]