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Don’t steal this bike!

TwinzTV are back at it again – first we saw an exploding bike seat deterring thieves from proceeding any further, now they’re bringing out the paintball guns to teach them a lesson! This is awesome!

Who said you can’t drift a FWD car?

Granted, this is not ‘true drifting’, but it’s pretty good for a car with no power to the rear wheels! Check out this DC5 Integra sliding around the track – not a bad effort!

Forza Horizon Comes to Australia!

The worlds biggest gaming expo is currently taking place in the USA, and racing fans aren’t forgotten! In the newest instalment of the Horizon series, Forza is set in Australia with a huge range of […]

Wingsuit Death Wish

This guy has a death wish! Wingsuits look like a lot of fun, but this is too close for comfort!

Big Rig wipes out Arab Drifter

We’ve all seen the guys in the Middle East drifting across multiple lane highways and wondered how they don’t crash – well, wonder no more! Check out this clip of a Camry getting completely wiped […]