Every now and then, there is a vehicle build that literally blows everything else out of the water. Mick Sigsworth’s carbon fibre Mitsubishi Evolution 9 is just one of those! From the day we learned of this mysterious build, we knew it was something special. Several times we visited GT Auto Garage, and many a time, I tried to peak behind a temporarily propped up curtain in the back room – only to be greeted by Dave telling us “not yet, out!” with a big grin on his face. We had no idea just what was behind that curtain until now, and quite simply, it is stunning!

The time has come that we are finally able to show some pictures of this beautiful monster built by PMQ and GT Auto Garage. When speaking to some of those involved with the build, one of the first points brought up is the absolutely stunning carbon work by Brad at Cawthorne Composites.

Some people may remember Mick’s EVO in it’s previous guise, a award winning Time Attack build, but it was relatively meek in comparison to this latest iteration. Here are some “before” shots.


original evo 9 Mick sigs

I bet this Evo had no idea what it was in for, back in the day this picture was taken ;)


2013 build 2

2013 rear shot


When we spoke to Tim from GT Auto, he statedGT AUTO GARAGE are proud to be a part of Mick Sigsworths EVO”M” Project over the past 8 months of build it has undergone some major changes and with testing nearly here we have been given the opportunity to release pictures of his new look EVO 9 before it hits the track.  Awesome work by all involved in this project and can’t wait to see it on the track”

Undergone some changes is an understatement.. Below we have a sneak peak of some of the first images of this epic build, and we have a feeling records are going to be broken, very soon!

Let’s have a quick look at what 2013 held, think about that for a second and just imagine what the next season will bring..

Results for 2013:
Winner @ the Evo Nats Lakeside Raceway – 51.7 sec (new surface)
Winner @ the Jap Nats Queensland Raceway – 50.3 sec (sprint track) 51.2 sec (clubman circuit)
Winner @ the WTAC SMSP Pro Am class – 1.30.9 sec (GP circuit)


Now without further ado, here’s what you have all come here for! I present to you, the CARBON EVO!
aim dash

bar duct



data connection


exhaust exit

fron tbonnet



interior dash display

light rear

MCA Suspension

mick interior

mick sigs bonnet


Far from just being a pretty face, under the hood features a JHH Racing built Nitto 4G63 2.2L Stroker engine package with optional Durafinished crankshaft and ARP Custom Age 625+ bolts. No doubt dyno figures will emerge eventually, but feel free to speculate for now ;)

rear shot 2

rear shot


Barely fits the trailer!


rear tyre front

rear tyre


side rear