Product Description

The classic of classics, our ABS Essentials is a great starter kit for any new 3Doodler. Intimidate your other Doodles with Black Belt Black, create your own fairy tale Doodles with Riding Hood Red, brighten up the day with Sunnyside Yellow, keep it real with EveryGreen, or get real deep with Grand Bleu. Use them solo or in the same Doodle!



This listing is for the ABS ESSENTIALS PLASTIC PACK *only* if you want other colour plastic strands, the 3doodler or any other accessories, see our other listings here




ABS vs PLA, #WhatWillYouChoose?

A frequent question we get from our community is whether it’s best to Doodle in ABS or PLA plastic. Almost a year and a half ago we wrote our first comparison of the two, aimed at helping you choose.  You can create almost anything with both plastics, but depending on technique, your desired finish, and the item you are making, you may be swayed towards ABS, PLA, or a mix of both.


You can buy the 3Doodler pen here:


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