Product Description

CARBON B PILLAR VINYL WRAP SHEET (enough to do your B pillars)

pillar main

pillar 4 pillar 3

pillar 2 pillar 1


hese items WRAP to your existing pillars to give a genuine carbon look AND feel to them. Simply clean the surface, stick on and apply a bit of heat with a hair dryer and cut the excess! The sheet supplied is large enough to cover most vehicle models pillars, console garnishes etc. It shimmers under sunlight like the real deal, and even FEELS like carbon to the touch. It has a real woven pattern and is EASY to apply. Instructions and video supplied to buyers – Literally takes around 10 minutes to install and is next to impossible to screw up – the material only sticks and moulds once you apply a bit of heat, so you can stick, remove and restick if you make a mistake or crease.  Once it is stuck on correctly, it will not peel off even outdoors, in rain hail or snow!

Physical Construction:   Premium OUTDOOR 7 YEAR Carbon Fiber weave 3M Di-Noc / Hexis FLEXIBLE WRAP

Dimensions:                   450mm [18in] x 280mm [12in]