Product Description

CUSTOM license plate sticker

**NOTE** these are supplied with QLD tags, if you live in another state, please leave a message in the notes section stating which state you want on the plate.

Perfect for exotic and expensive vehicles, will not damage paint.

The decal is REFLECTIVE meaning you can see it in the dark with headlights, just like a normal metal plate.

Due to the REFLECTIVE nature of the decal, you are still visible to speed and traffic cameras

We offer this in 3 sizes.

- SLIMLINE PLATE 360mm x 100mm

- 2×2 FLEXI PLATE 250mm x 100mm

-NORMAL PLATE 373mm x136mm


custom plate

Note: These will not replicate your current plates and are only for Novetly Purposes, we  will not produce plates identical to ones issued by your local government.  If you wish to see a mock design prior to purchase please ask this at checkout in the notes section.