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H1, H3, H7, HB3 (9005), HB4 (9006) THESE KITS ARE *NOT* SUITABLE FOR H4!!!

LED Parker/Reverse lights + chrome indicator conversions available here!

relay harness

relay harness 2
This HID Relay Harness is designed for all HID kits, however, upon checkout you must select your BULB TYPE: H1, H3, H7, H11, 9005, 9006 (single beam) so we can ensure we ship you the correct unit!

Most HID kits do not come supplied with relays. This can be dangerous in vehicles with poor or old wiring. You may notice HID kits flicker on startup, or one side could flicker and turn off. These relay kits will prevent that, by allowing your HIDs to draw directly from the battery via the relay!


High Capacity wire to draw stable current from battery
Ring terminal on both positive and negative terminals to the battery.
All connections and terminals are crimped and shrink wrapped with high quality electrical wrap


People with upgraded plug and play HIDs from standard Halogen wiring.
People who have issues with HIDs not always firing (eg one side only firing), or vehicle with HIDs that flicker on startup or during cranking.
Or just generally people who want to do the job PROPERLY, and be better protected, and give their HIDs 100% of the power they deserve :)

This Listing is for 1 relay wiring set, with YOUR CHOICE of bulb compatibility type. Please LEAVE A NOTE TO SELLER on checkout for what bulb type you require. This kit does NOT include headlights, HID bulbs or ballasts!