Product Description

Quality design at an affordable price! Made with the same material as Otterbox.

Here at Case Design we are excited to finally introduce to our customers the worlds most innovative case of 2016! One of the biggest problems faced be people all around the world is losing their lighters. With our revolutionary case… You will never have to worry about buying another lighter, EVER again!

Please read below to understand the benefits of our case -

Watch video of case in action here! >

The only phone case you will ever need -

  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery 
  • Flameless
  • Wind resistant
  • No refills required (Compared to other standard lighters)
  • Open bottles of all sorts on the go
  • No harmful chemicals or butane in our products
  • Made out of durable plastic – The same as leading cell phone case companies
  • Precisely engineered to fit your phone perfectly and access all buttons without removing the case
  • Made out of Eco-Friendly material 
  • Attach to any tripod (Completely Universal)

Currently available in colors: Black, Red, Blue