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ITS A HOLDEN DICKHEAD sticker anti chevy chevrolet badge hsv hdt

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Product Description

ITS A HOLDEN DICKHEAD! – Prank sticker

Physical Construction:   5-7 year premium outdoor white vinyl, printed with solvent based ink, computer cut

Dimensions:                   210mm [9.5in] wide x 70mm [2.2in] high

Seriously… its not a freaking Chevy, its a goddamn Holden, the fact that guy PAID to convert to a Chev badge astounds both you and I! I don’t even know why it makes me so angry, but I swear I will stick 10 of these across the entire boot and bonnet of the next “Chevrolet VT Commodore” I see… Actual item provided is NOT censored.
Every flat brimmed 4x drinking commodore chevrolet wannabe that we manage to dissuade from installing a chev badge with this “its a holden” campaign, takes us one step closer to being eternally happy. Join the fight and jam one of these on your next door neighbour’s Chev Badged SS ute and get a taste of that happiness ;)
Disclaimer: This sticker is a joke & a prank.. We at Streetfx dont condone vandalism so instead this sticker which wont damage paint or panels, stuck nicely next to the “Chev” badge may just get the point across.. OK, so it shouldnt make us or anyone else angry enough to actually do this, but its for a bit of a laugh either way :P Stick them to your mates car next time you see them, see how long it lasts, or keep one in the glovebox for the day you see that exceptionally bad Chevy Calais ;) Such as these examples below:




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