Product Description



Physical Construction:   Premium OUTDOOR 7 YEAR FLEXIBLE transparent tinting film

 Dimensions:  600mm [24in] x 600mm [24in]



This FLEXIBLE film was IMPORTED FROM THE USA(Do NOT compare this to cheap china film! Those cheap films will crack and leave glue residue all over your tail lights!). See below for more installation examples and comparisons! This film is specifically designed to adhere to plastic and glass tail light and head light lenses. The film clings and wraps to your existing lamps to give a GLOSSY tinting look. Simply clean the surface with alcohol or soap, stick on with some water, push out the bubbles and cut the excess! The sheet supplied is large enough to cover most vehicle models tail lights and headlights, side indicators etc. There should be enough left over to tint your repeaters and other lamps around your vehicle. Instructions and video supplied to buyers – Literally takes around 20 minutes to install, depending on the complexity of your tail light. You can use water application, which means that its very difficult to screw up. So you can stick, remove and restick if you make a mistake or crease.  Once it is stuck on correctly, it will not peel off even outdoors, in rain hail or snow! UNLESS you actually want it to peel off, in which case just lift the edge with a blade/knife and the whole thing will peel off, and NOT leave residue or glue. BEST OF ALL the benefits of this material (when compared to tail light tinting sprays and paints) are:

    • It is removable if you ever get defected or need to return the car to stock
    • It will not leave runs if applied incorrectly such as the sprays do
    • It is much cheaper than buying ‘smoked’ tail lights
    • Does not require removal of tail lights or any tools (besides a blade and a card!)
    • Uses your existing tail lights, so no issues with DOT approval
    • It leaves a GLOSSY finish, not MATTE like the sprays or other tinting films
    • You can use it on both head lights and tail lights
    • We guarantee our product, and provide a world wide warranty against defects in the material!
    • Tail lights, brake lights, indicators and reverse lights are clearly still visible through the film