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Choose your model from DR600 (single camera) and DR650 (dual front and rear camera). Also choose the memory card upgrade options (default is 16gb). Memory upgrades are GENUINE SANDISK, plus you still keep the included 16gb card as well.


Product Information available below: 

The latest line up of products by Pittasoft Korea, the new BlackVue DR600 series consisting of the DR600GW-HD & DR650GW-2CH will be released in Australia on 1st August 2014. The new systems will replace the previous DR500 series dash cams, sharing a lot of similarities with the DR500, but with some subtle improvements.

The new line up from BlackVue consists of a few improvements, one of the most noticeable being the new black colour themed design, which will certainly make the cameras more discrete when installed on the windscreen.

The new models will be available for sale in Australia on the 1st August this year, these can be purchased from our website or from our authorised resellers. Please confirm your local supplier has this model in stock before visiting.
Main Improvements:

  1. All Black design – more discrete installation
  2. Increase SD card support up to 64GB
  3. Improved bitrate – higher quality imaging
  4. Improved Price –  better for consumers & dealers
  5. Reduced viewing angle – improved viewing clarity





With a SONY 2.4MP Sensor, the system produces clear video for easy viewing. Coupled with smart, discrete design make the new DR650GW a feature packed unit 2 channel system with full coverage – still the only system on the market to have built-in WiFi with GPS & Mac compatible software.

  • Full HD 1080P + 720P HD @ 30fps
  • 2.4MP SONY CMOS Sensor
  • Increased Bitrate to 8.5kps (front) 3.2kps (rear)
  • Discrete Black Themed Design
  • Clever Cylindrical Design with 360′ Rotation
  • Up to 64GB SD Card Compatible
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Built-in Sensitive GPS
  • Built-in G-Sensor


The BlackVue Power Magic Pro uses advanced power management to ensure your cars battery stays healthy.

The system works by having pre-set cut off voltages to prevent the camera from continuing to operate if the cars/trucks battery drops below a safe level.  On 12V vehicles the appropriate cut off voltage is 11.8 Volts.

Features include:

· Multi-booting
· Prevention to discharge Vehicle Battery
· Prevention to Reboot Black box/Navigation
· Configuring the Voltage to Cut-off the Power
· Configuring the Timer to Cut-off the Power
· Timer setting : 6hrs ~ Infinity
· Semi-permanent fuse usage
· Cigar jack connection socket
· For 12-24V


We suggest you also buy FUSE TAPS!  Why?

Fuse taps allow for non-invasive installation of a dash cam or almost any other electrical accessory into your vehicle.

No cutting of wires or splicing is required! These are also known as ‘add-a-circuits’.

The fuse taps work by adding a new circuit to your existing fuse box. This is done by “piggy-backing” into an existing fuse slot. You simply remove the fuse from the slot you want to use, and put that fuse into the empty slot on the fuse tap. Then insert the fuse tap into the now-empty slot. The existing circuit integrity is not affected and retains its original fuse and functionality.

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fuse taps for dashcams

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