Product Description

Power Magic Pro (PLEASE NOTE: The manufacturer has changed the design of the box, the unit is still the same but the packaging is different)


  • Model : Power Magic Pro
  • Multi-booting
  • Prevention to discharge Vehicle Battery
  • Prevention to Reboot Black box/Navigation
  • Configuring the Voltage to Cut-off the Power
  • Configuring the Timer to Cut-off the
  • Power Timer setting : 6hrs ~ Infinity
  • Semi-permanent fuse usage
  • Cigar jack connection socket For 12-24V
  • Specifications
  • Rated Output Voltage: 12-24V DC
  • Output current: Rated current 1A, max 2A
  • Output voltage cut-off: 11.6~11.8V (±0.05V) / 22.8~23.2V (±0.1V) / on the basis of the input
  • Output voltage restoration: 11.7~11.9V (±0.05V) / 22.9~23.3V (±0.1V) / on the basis of the input
  • Output Voltage Cutoff Timer: 1 ~ 72 hrs

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The fuse taps work by adding a new circuit to your existing fuse box. This is done by “piggy-backing” into an existing fuse slot. You simply remove the fuse from the slot you want to use, and put that fuse into the empty slot on the fuse tap. Then insert the fuse tap into the now-empty slot. The existing circuit integrity is not affected and retains its original fuse and functionality.

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fuse taps for dashcams

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