Product Description


We are proud to announce we now carry the very system we employ in our World’s only R35 GTR powered Toyota 86.  If you’re anything like us, we hate losing creature comforts when we modify our cars. It makes them uncomfortable, and air conditioning is one of the first things people seem to sacrifice so they can fit various other engine bay mods – bigger intercoolers, new piping, dry sump oil pumps etc – all make refitting air conditioning compressor a pain.


What to do to fix this? Well you can run an electric AC (also available from us), like we have done on WTF 86, but since we have chosen to mount the compressor in the boot/trunk area, this required a rear mounted condenser/fan setup. This has given us a completely unadulterated airflow to the intercooler and radiator up the front of the car, and has kept the compressor wiring close to the rear mounted battery.


Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 11.12.38 pm


Please note that this listing is for the 12v version, if you need the 24v version – CONTACT US first.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS please also contact us to get accurate shipping quotes prior to purchase, as they are heavy items and shipping varies wildly.

Fits Australian standard MIOR fittings to Suction & Discharge ports for Automotive Air Conditioners.


Below is the Electric Compressor that is used in conjunction with this system (see our other listings):



Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 10.25.32 pm