Product Description

STAGE 2, Supercharger System for Toyota 86,FT86 / Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ.



This system was designed and prototyped by Bullet, then fully developed, tooled, and manufactured by Sprintex.  This is practically identical to the CUSCO and INNOVATE kit (except the innovate base kit does NOT include an intercooler), this kit has everything including the intercooler. This kit blends in so well, it looks FACTORY!


The factory boxer engine sadly lacks power and torque, especially between 3000rpm and 4500rpm. This Stage 2 Bullet / Sprintex supercharger system has the potential to double factory power output, but is recommended for built motors only!

This kit is estimated to be available late 2014. More information will be available soon. If you do not plan to build the bottom end then we strongly suggest ONLY using the Stage 1 kit.

Below pictures compare the stage 1 vs stage 2 kit.



The patented Bullet system mounts the supercharger prominently on top of the engine, and the black finish gives it a great factory look.


The factory computer can be retained and flashed with ECUTEK or BRZEDIT. This allows tuning of all parameters including cam timing, ignition timing, fuel maps, and it also has the ability to be set for launch control and a host of other features.

We can also supply the MOTEC M150 ECU, please contact us for pricing.

You are buying a Complete Intercooled Supercharger System (without tuning – ECUTEK recommended).  



Pictured: Stage 1 kit.


If you are interested in this kit – you may call us on 07 3861 0151 before buying.