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Ever since watching the 80’s movie, “The Cannonball Run”, and then later in life, seeing real world events like “Gumball 3000″, entering a similar rally has been one of my life dreams. A few months ago, we got a call from Nat, one of our friends in the Brisbane Supercar club. He pointed me in the direction of the “Modball Rally”. By the time we read some online reviews and browsed some videos of past Modball events in Europe, we had signed up “Team StreetFX” :)

The next few months dragged on… and on and on… For an impatient person like me, it felt like we were waiting a year in anticipation for the day the start flag dropped, the 22nd of November 2013.

Our original intention was to take our widebody Toyota 86, however circumstances beyond our control made that impossible. Instead we took our daily driver. An 800hp R35 GTR. A little thirsty on the fuel, but things could be worse ;) Tim and Dave at GT Auto kindly fixed up a few niggling issues on the GTR as well as re-tuned the beast for 98 octane fuel. I have no idea what the engineers at Nissan were thinking when they fitted a monster twin turbo charged 3.8L fire breathing V6 supercar with a tiny 65L tank, but we knew there was no way we could run E85, even with boots full of Jerry cans. As such, we opted to reflash for 98 RON regular pump fuel. Still pushing 600hp at the wheels on 17psi is nothing to be sneezed at though :)

We were lucky enough to have support from a few companies. We would love to express our thanks to

  • Motorblackbox
  • GT Auto
  • MVP Motorsports
  • CT Autoparts
  • Fluffy Duck Internet Services

November 20th arrived and a few of us headed to Sydney early. With the cars all stickered up, looking very “canonball-esque”, the police attention also started early. I wont go into details, but my backside is still sore.

The trek to Sydney was fairly uneventful. We headed down with friends in a TVR, another GTR and a Maserati, we played musical cars and swapped drivers seats for hot laps in Coff’s Harbor. Man, the engine note on that Maserati is something else!!

Once arrived in Sydney, we stayed at Star  City casino. Even with only a small group of 4 cars driving around, all Modball stickered up, it was a sight for the locals :) With the big day, Friday, within arms reach, I decided to pop in to see our suppliers at MotorBlackBox and GFB Auto to kill some time. Big shout out to Motorblackbox for supplying a bunch of dash-cameras to help us record the event!


Picture courtesy of TrakPro, taken at Star City Casino
On registration day we gathered at the assigned hotel in Sydney, where 100 cars full of people eagerly awaited the announcements from the coordinators Jon and Steve. We were soon told of an extra surprise, where we had been booked in for a track day at Norwell on the Gold Coast :D

It was around this point I started taking pictures, so I will let our video and pictures do the talking :) Rather than deleting all the duplicate pictures, we decided to recycle them into a moving picture motion video (thanks to Rowie for this wicked idea!). This video tries to cram 4 days of awesome, all into 5 minutes.. From the Casino, the hotels, the parties, the 7 foot inflatable penis (Thanks Richie and Team Phoenix!), to the crazy downpour of rain en-route to Coff’s and of course some of the driving… The video only touches on some of the event, so we really encourage you to sign up next year to get a true taste :)

PS: Sorry for the heart attack Anthony,  there is something to be said about owning your own printing equipment and impounding 20 supercars :D (haha).

We hope you enjoy :)


** Make sure you select “720p or 1080p HD”, as it looks terrible in 360p!

You can see the full gallery at our facebook here:



All of us at StreetFX would love to say a big thank you to the organisers, for a brilliant effort at running the first Australian Modball Rally, and of course to our sponsors. It was a highlight of 2013 for me :)

Hope to see more of you out there at next year’s event!

StreetFX Australia