StreetFX VLOG Episode 1 – 1300hp Toyota 86, $500k vs $10k drag build, Project RX7, Lambo launch control & 0-100 times.

Well, we have long considered working on our YouTube Channel as per a lot of our viewer’s requests.. And here it is!

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Episode 1, is a bit of an intro to us at StreetFX. We will take you for a short drive in a Lamborghini Huracan, test launch control, do some 0-100 runs, show you our 1300hp WTF-86 Toyota 86 build with GTR R35 power plant, give you a sneak peak at our RX7 project and ask you for feedback about what you think we should build as a car to beat the Lambo down the 1/4 mile.

Be sure to sub to us on YT here: STREETFX MOTORSPORT TV

Be sure to sub to us on YT here: STREETFX MOTORSPORT TV



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StreetFX VR38 Toyota 86 Motive DVD “In The Build” Video


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Posted on October 5, 2016 by Andrew Hawkins

Incase you hadn’t noticed,our friends at StreetFX Motorsports and Graphics have been blowing up the internet with their VR38 powered Toyota 86 built by GT Auto Garage. It’s one of the craziest builds out there and has been happening alongside our VR38 powered R34 GT-R, Erubisu, build. The Albins 6-Speed sequential and Direct Clutch Services clutch was designed for both cars together. The 86 is rear wheel drive though, but will be shooting for over 1000hp as well. We caught up with Mark Trueno to have a chat and a closer look.




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StreetFX WTF86 – World’s First Toyota 86 Powered by a 4.1L HKS GT1000 R35 GTR Engine!

Well, I guess you could say that we went and did a “thing”. I guess you could also say that it probably isn’t the smartest, or most logical thing we have ever done either! After being sick of only pushing 545rwhp with the Subaru 4 Cylinder donk, we have gone and shoehorned a Twin Turbo Nissan R35 GTR motor into our Toyota 86 with the help of Tim and Dave from GT Auto Garage.

In 2012 we purchased our Toyota 86, brand new with plans to modify it into a mild street/track car cross over. In 2013 it started getting a little bit more serious when we threw a rocket bunny kit on it (becoming one of the first Rocket Bunny 86’s in Australia).


If you aren’t interested in the build process, and just want to see the latest pics, scroll to the bottom! Otherwise, read on for the details.

Now you have probably all seen Rocket Bunny wide-body kits get bolted on to cars before, so we won’t bore you with too much of that, but we feel it’s important to give a little history, since this is one of the few in the world that have the fenders moulded on instead of bolted on like some kind of afterthought.


Here’s the mild girl when we started:


Now a couple of the obligatory “mid-rocket-bunny” pictures.


Fresh out of the paint booth at Cameron’s Bodyworks:


For the next year the car had the FA20, in various states of tune. From AVO turbo kit, to Forged performance Turbo kit, to the complicated twin-charge (turbocharged and supercharged) setup.

Plagued with issues ranging from Direct Injection failure to head gasket problems, the best power we made on the old 4-cylinder was 545rwhp on E85. Turning the boost up […]

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The StreetFX Toyota 86, Widebody 600hp Turbocharged and Supercharged FA20 Epic Build!

OK, so we might have gotten a little carried away with our company toy. Follow us on our journey of insanity!

What started out as a stock Toyota 86 (Scion FR-S) is now far from it. Soon she will be a fire breathing twincharged widebody monster, pushing out over 500hp!


If you own an 86, you should DEFINITELY check these two links out:

1) The 86/FRS/BRZ specials on StreetFX store here:  Toyota 86 (BRZ/86/FRS) Store

2) The here: 86Forums Community

Here we will give a bit of a run down of the more important milestones during the build.

The original build thread on is here: BUILD THREAD


Anyway, here is a list of modifications to date, along with some interesting pictures that show its progression from stock, placid little old 86, to a monster!



2012 Toyota 86 GTS (current specs, in transition to epic phase)

AVO Turbo kit
AVO Dump pipe
AVO front mount intercooler
Perrin cold air intake
EcuTek ECU with AVO stage 1 tune
MCA “Red Series” coilovers
Invidia titanium tipped exhaust
Invidia front pipe/cat
Perrin overpipe
HKS Oil cooler kit
BRZ Side fender garnishes
Concave concepts CC03 19×9.5in rims
Toyo Proxes R888 235/35/19 semi slicks
StreetFX slimline license plate bracket
StreetFX LED upgrade (inside and out\
AP Racing brakes front and rear
Cusco Front strut brace
Cusco Rear Strut brace
Cusco front and rear tow hooks
Perrin transmission support mount
TRD Bodykit (front/side/rear/boot lip)
24LED License plate light modules
CaFi 62100 Android head unit with OBD2 interface
Valenti “SG” Tail lights
Valenti “SG” foglight/reverse light with StreetFX brakelight modification
Beatsonic sharkfin roof antenna
StreetFX chrome mirror indicator bulbs
Hertz 3-way front splits
Hertz 10″ sub in Hertz box
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) interfaced with head unit video feed
Mongoose reverse camera
JPM Coachworks instrument gauge cluster cover
Rocket Bunny Widebody Kit
RPS Carbon Clutch
CC02 custom wheels (18in track)
Seibon Carbon Fibre bonnet
Rocket Bunny Wing
Greddy Evo 3 Exhaust

Purchased but not yet fitted:

Spare engine […]

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