A lot of our readers will be familiar with this feature car. You’d expect a good job from a company that also runs a V8 Supercar team and Tekno Performance have lived up to expectations with their 2012 Toyota 86 GTS.


Tekno Performance is the road car enhancement division of V8 Supercar team Tekno Autosports. They’re main concentration is on V8 Fords and Holdens along with high end European cars. But when the 86 came along, it was such a good package from the factory they had to see if they could make it even better.


From a distance you would think it’s just an average 86 with a nice set of wheels. But as you get closer you start to notice things. For example, the height when static; when displaying the car the boys will have it fully laid out thanks to AirREX airbag coilovers with 12 points of bump/rebound adjustment. This system is complimented by an Accuair Electronic level system with three stage height adjustment. All of this is controlled by Accuair I-Level Bluetooth remote height control. Roll control sway bars and polyurethane bushes finish the suspension components.


The car rolls on 19 x 9.5 inch Rays 57XTREME Gramlights wrapped in Hankook Ventus RS3 245/35R19s. The paint is standard issue but is highlighted by multiple carbon fibre details. The carbon fibre kit includes front lip, side skirts and rear splatts. Carbon fibre wrap paint effects are applied to the front bar, fog light surrounds, rear diffuser and interior trim. Also in the interior is a pair of carbon Kevlar Bride Stradia II Low Max reclinable racing seats on Bride rails.



Under the bonnet is the standard factory fitted FA20 2 Litre Boxer Engine, which has been turbo charged. TEKNO designed the turbo system using a Garret 28/60 ball bearing turbo. Air flow is helped by a front mount air to air intercooler, Tial 50mm billet blow off valve and K&N 3 inch pod filter. A TurboWerx oil scavenge pump is also fitted. Fuel flows easier through a DeatschWerks high volume fuel bump with 700cc port injectors.


The ECU is a factory unit that’s been reflashed using ECUTEK tuning software. This allows for dual boost map switching via an ECU controlled solenoid, flat foot shifting and throttle blip on downshift. A bit of paint brightens up the engine bay nicely.


Tekno Performance have built a clean and simple yet head turning display car. The car has just changed hands and we’re sure the new owner is going to enjoy every second of it. Hopefully they’ll bring it along to a few events for everyone to see. If you have any questions or want to contact Tekno for some work then visit their websitehttp://www.teknoperformance.com.au.