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Fast and Furious Hot Wheels Giveaway Pack!

Our first giveaway of 2016 – a full set of official collectable Hot Wheels ‘Fast and Furious’ edition cars!

The set includes –

Toyota Supra
’70 Dodge Charger
’11 Dodge Charger
Dodge Challenger SRT8
Ford Mustang
Chevelle SS

All you need to […]

Nangkang Tyres donate to Make-A-Wish Foundation!

Nangkang Tyre have teamed up with the Make-A-Wish foundation throughout the months of February, March and April to make a generous donation from each sale of tyres!

The Make-A-Wish foundation is a worldwide charity founded 30 […]

Nissan Silvia S13 Halogen to HID Conversion Tutorial

When we tried to fit one of our H1 HID kits into a Nissan silvia, we found that the S13 Triple projector headlights have a strange H1 adapter plug which means the installation of HIDs is […]

200HP Hayabusa powered GO KART!

When you think of an off-road toy, a dirt bike or quad might spring to mind. We come across some awesome creations, but this machine takes the cake!

Suzuki Hayabusa’s are known to be one of […]

Top 5 Baller Cars On a Budget!

We’ve all seen it – television celebrities and Instagram models rolling around in vehicles worth easily more than $100,000 – more than most of us could ever hope to spend on a car – some […]

“STOP A DOUCHEBAG” Insane Russian Vigilante Organisation

If you’ve surfed the net in the last 10 years, chances are you will have come across countless compilations of deranged Russian drivers driving like lunatics – often severely injuring other citizens, if not killing […]

GALLERY: Mullet’s 24k Gold Plated Twin Turbo 2400hp Ford GT Walk-around Pictures at TX2K, including in car footage!

If there was every a PURELY INSANE build, this is it!! Jason ‘Mullet’ is one very prominent member of the Texas car scene with one of the world’s fastest and most modified Ford GT’s. We had the pleasure of meeting him and getting some in-car footage – something not every one is lucky to get to do! Massive thanks Jason, we can’t thank you enough :D

VIDEO: Mullet’s 24k Gold Plated Twin Turbo 2400hp Ford GT Walk-around Video at TX2K, including in car footage!

SCROLL TO BOTTOM FOR VIDEO! If there was every a PURELY INSANE build, this is it!! Now we get to see some ACTION VIDEO and walkaround! We had the pleasure of meeting Jason ‘Mullet’ and getting some exclusive in-car footage – something not every one is lucky to get to do! Massive thanks Jason, we can’t thank you enough :D


“If my lane runs out and I am in front I always have right of way.” WRONG!

“If my lane runs out and I am in front I always have right of way.” INCORRECT. If your lane comes to an end with dotted lines you must give.. (read more)

The Dangers of Car Racing in Australia. BMW M3 GTR Hits Kangaroo at 220kph

Check out this in-car footage from yesterday’s Bathurst 12 hour endurance race. Video shot during the early laps of the race, pre-dawn. A Kangaroo bounds into the path of a BMW M3 GTR (car number 42) at 220kph. How many more of these are we going to see before a driver gets killed??

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Meet the most dangerous road in the world, The Great Atlantic Road!

Take a first person view along the Atlantic Ocean Road! Bends, twists, wildlife and spectacular scenery are the ingredients that transform an Atlantic road trip in one of the most beautiful experiences in your life!
The 8.3 km long Atlantic Ocean Road is connecting the cities Molde and Kristiansund, urban centers of the region located in the fjords of western Norway. The road starts approximately 30 miles southwest of Kristiansund and ends 47 miles north of Molde, Mediafax.


Mick Sigsworth’s Ultimate CARBON EVO build by PMQ and GT Auto Garage

Every now and then, there is a vehicle build that literally blows everything else out of the water. Mick Sigsworth’s carbon fibre Mitsubishi Evolution 9 is just one of those! From the day we learned […]

Power Torque Engines

People can be quite careful when it comes to choosing a workshop to mod or service their pride and joy. Power Torque Engines follow the philosophy of “do it right, do it once” so it’s […]

The Nawtii S14 Slider


Kate Burrows has always loved the Series 2 S14s; in fact it was her dream car. So she bought herself this 1998 Series 2 S14 200sx and set out to make into a clean daily […]

Tekno Performance’s Toyota 86 build

A lot of our readers will be familiar with this feature car. You’d expect a good job from a company that also runs a V8 Supercar team and Tekno Performance have lived up to expectations […]

A Truly Amazing Collection

Once every now and then an opportunity arises that’s too hard to miss. Last Friday was one of those days. On the Thursday before I received a phone call. This phone call was inviting me […]

Are Tinted Tail Lights Illegal in Australia? What you need to know from the ADR’s

Quite frequently we have customers ask us whether or not aftermarket or tinted tail lights comply with the Australian Design Rules. This is by no means “legal” advice, but it may help you get out of a bind if a police officer issues a fine for such an offence. Please note that we are *not* road worthy assessors, nor are we police, so this should be just considered general information and not necessarily an iron clad defence should your slammed commodore with black spray painted tail lights gets defected! Again – This information is provided simply for your interest, not as legal advice.


A Practical Lesson About the Mazda Rotary Engine… (Model Aoshima Single Rotor Demo)

We love this little toy so much that we bought every last unit from Aoshima before they were discontinued :)


The StreetFX Toyota 86, Widebody 600hp Turbocharged and Supercharged FA20 Epic Build!

OK, so we might have gotten a little carried away with our company toy. Follow us on our journey of insanity!

What started out as a stock Toyota 86 (Scion FR-S) is now far from it. […]

All Stars Show and Shine

Sunday April 28 saw the running of the All Stars car show at the Broadwater Parklands on the Gold Coast. A huge number of cars turned up on the day and the weather could only […]

Five of the world’s worst rims..



Well, we always love watching horrible things – you know,  like train wrecks.. Let’s check out some of the worst rims in history!


Hydrographics, coolest way to spice up your ride! :O

Your TE37 wheels not available in carbon finish? Or maybe you want to add some airbrushed skulls to your dashboard, and something even crazier and more detailed? Well Hydrographics is pretty awesome! We have seen […]

StreetFX does Modball Rally Australia, Sydney to Brisbane, 2013



Gallery: Check out this example of automotive art from liberty walk!

Video: How to make a cheap racing exhaust, or just mess with someones car!


Got a spare bicycle inner tube? You could trick out your car with this makeshift race exhaust. All the girls will chase you down the street, but that might be because your engine is on […]