StreetFX - Disc Brakes Australia: Uncompromising Performance & Safety for Your Drive

Upgrade your ride with Disc Brakes Australia at StreetFX. Experience superior stopping power, unmatched durability, and cutting-edge technology for safer, more confident driving. Shop StreetFX today!

Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) isn't just another brake brand; it's a legacy of safety, innovation, and unparalleled performance. Since 1988, they've been pushing the boundaries of braking technology, developing rotors and pads designed for exceptional stopping power, superior durability, and optimal fade resistance, whether you're cruising city streets or pushing the limits on the track.

Uncompromising Commitment to Quality:

  • Australian-made: DBA proudly designs and manufactures their rotors in Sydney, Australia, ensuring consistent quality and rigorous testing under local conditions.
  • Advanced materials: They source premium materials like kangaroo paw castings and patented Thermal Stability Technology (TST) for exceptional heat dissipation and resistance to warping.
  • Rigorous testing: Every DBA product undergoes meticulous testing in their in-house facility and on the racetrack, guaranteeing peak performance and safety.


  • Street performance rotors: From the budget-friendly Street Series to the premium 4000 Series, DBA offers a range of rotors to suit your driving style and budget.
  • Motorsport rotors: Designed for intense track use, these rotors offer ultimate stopping power and heat resistance for competitive driving.
  • Brake pads: Choose from ceramic, semi-metallic, and track-focused pads to match your rotor choice and driving needs.
  • Disc brake accessories: Find a complete range of accessories, including brake dust shields, mounting kits, and cleaning products.
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