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Experience the thrill of the drive with Hard Race performance parts. Shop coilovers, sway bars, control arms, bushings, and more at StreetFX, your source for performance upgrades. Unleash your car's potential today!

Unleash the full potential of your car with Hard Race, a leading brand in performance chassis and suspension parts. Since 1998, Hard Race has been pushing the boundaries of automotive performance, engineering components that deliver precision handling, increased stability, and enhanced driving dynamics. Whether you're a weekend warrior hitting the track or a daily driver seeking sharper reflexes, Hard Race has the parts you need to elevate your driving experience.

Product Range:

  • Suspension: Coilovers, sway bars, control arms, bushings, mounts, and more.
  • Chassis: Strut bars, tie rods, subframe braces, caster kits, and more.
  • Steering: Steering knuckles, tie rods, end links, and more.
  • Alignment: Camber kits, caster kits, toe arms, and more.
  • Drivetrain: Mounts, bushings, and more.

Hard Race stands for:

  • Quality: Rigorous testing ensures every part meets the highest standards for performance and durability.
  • Innovation: Constantly developing new and improved products to push the limits of what's possible.
  • Performance: Parts designed to deliver sharper handling, better responsiveness, and increased control.
  • Value: Exceptional performance at an accessible price point.
  • Passion: Driven by a love of cars and a commitment to creating the best possible driving experience.

With Hard Race parts, you can:

  • Improve handling and cornering.
  • Reduce body roll and improve stability.
  • Enhance responsiveness and steering feel.
  • Increase braking performance.
  • Personalize your car's handling characteristics.

Upgrade your ride with Hard Race and experience the difference performance parts can make.

Shop Hard Race at StreetFX, your trusted source for all your performance part needs.

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