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Level up your vehicle's performance with Mishimoto, the leading brand in performance cooling. Explore our extensive selection of radiators, intercoolers, hoses, and more - shop StreetFX today!

Fuel your passion for performance with Mishimoto, the world leader in performance cooling products. Since 2005, Mishimoto has been driven by a passion for cars and a commitment to building superior cooling systems that push the limits. Whether you're a weekend warrior hitting the track or a daily driver demanding peak performance, Mishimoto has the perfect upgrade for your vehicle.

Product Lines:

  • Radiators: Direct-fit performance aluminum radiators deliver increased cooling capacity and improved durability.
  • Intercoolers: High-performance intercoolers maximize airflow and reduce boost temperatures for optimal power delivery.
  • Silicone Hoses: Durable, high-temperature silicone hoses resist leaks and improve coolant flow.
  • Thermostats: Low-temperature thermostats open sooner, allowing for faster engine warmup and improved cooling efficiency.
  • Fans: High-performance electric fans increase airflow and improve cooling capacity.
  • Catch Cans: Prevent harmful blow-by gasses from entering the intake system, maintaining engine health and performance.
  • Air Intakes: Performance air intakes deliver cooler, denser air for increased power and improved fuel economy.
  • Water Pumps: High-flow water pumps improve coolant circulation and maintain optimal engine temperature.
  • And More! Mishimoto offers a wide range of performance cooling components for various vehicles.

Why Choose Mishimoto?

  • Industry-leading performance: Mishimoto products are rigorously tested and engineered to deliver superior cooling performance.
  • Extensive application coverage: Mishimoto offers a wide range of products to fit your specific vehicle.
  • Unmatched durability: Mishimoto products are built to last with high-quality materials and construction.
  • Lifetime warranty: Mishimoto stands behind their products with a lifetime warranty on all radiators and intercoolers.
  • Enthusiast-driven design: Mishimoto products are designed by car enthusiasts, for car enthusiasts.
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