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Elevate your driving experience with StreetFX's selection of high-quality ACT clutch kits & components. Shop performance, heavy duty, sports & racing clutches for enhanced power, smooth shifting & maximum durability. Free shipping!

Born from a passion for performance, ACT (Advanced Clutch Technology) has become a leading name in high-performance and upgraded clutch kits for various vehicles. Their dedication to cutting-edge engineering, premium materials, and rigorous testing ensures drivers experience smooth, powerful gear changes and unmatched durability.

  • Products:
    • Performance Clutch Kits: Designed for spirited street driving and occasional track use. Offer increased clamping force, improved heat dissipation, and longer lifespan compared to stock clutches.
    • Heavy Duty Clutch Kits: Built for demanding applications like towing and hauling. Deliver exceptional strength and durability to handle significant loads.
    • Sports Clutch Kits: Offer the perfect balance of performance and drivability for everyday driving with a sporty feel.
    • Racing Clutch Kits: Engineered for maximum performance and power handling in dedicated racing applications.
    • Flywheels: Lightweight flywheels enhance throttle response and acceleration.
    • Clutch Components: Individual components like pressure plates, discs, and throw-out bearings for precise upgrades.
  • Benefits:
    • Improved shifting: Smoother gear changes and reduced clutch slip.
    • Increased power handling: Handle more power and torque without sacrificing drivability.
    • Enhanced durability: Longer lifespan compared to stock clutches.
    • Variety of options: Match the perfect clutch to your driving needs and vehicle.
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