Air Lift Suspension Kits & Air Springs | Customize Your Ride at StreetFX

Transform your vehicle with Air Lift suspension kits and air springs at StreetFX. Shop lowering kits, load support systems, and wireless controls for ultimate performance and adjustable comfort.
Air Lift: Take Control of Your Ride with Next-Level Suspension
  • Products:
    • Performance Series: Coilovers and air suspension kits for lowered stance, precise handling, and adjustable ride height.
    • LoadLifter Series: Air springs to enhance load capacity and stability for towing and hauling.
    • Wireless Management Systems: Intuitive controls for easy ride height adjustment and system monitoring.
    • Universal Air Springs: Replaceable air bags for various vehicle applications.
  • Benefits:
    • Customizable ride height: Slam low for show-stopping looks or raise high for off-road adventures.
    • Improved handling: Enhanced cornering and stability for a more precise driving experience.
    • Increased load capacity: Safely tow and haul heavy cargo without compromising performance.
    • Easy installation and control: User-friendly systems for hassle-free customization.
    • Wide range of applications: Compatible with various cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans.
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