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Enhance the power, torque, and fuel efficiency of your diesel vehicle with safe and reliable DPCHIP performance tuning solutions at StreetFX. Shop tuning modules, fuel optimization chips, towing upgrades & more!

DPCHIP is a leading brand in diesel performance tuning, offering innovative and user-friendly solutions to unlock the full potential of your diesel vehicle. With a strong focus on safety, reliability, and fuel efficiency, DPCHIP products empower drivers to experience improved performance, smoother driving, and potentially better fuel economy without compromising on safety or engine longevity.


  • Plug-and-play performance tuning modules: Custom-calibrated for specific car models, these modules adjust engine parameters for increased power, torque, and responsiveness.
  • Fuel optimization chips: Improve fuel efficiency and potentially reduce fuel consumption while maintaining performance.
  • Towing performance modules: Enhance your vehicle's towing capabilities with increased power and torque for effortless hauling.
  • Monitoring and diagnostic tools: Monitor your engine's health and performance in real-time.


  • Safe and reliable tuning: Backed by years of experience and rigorous testing.
  • Easy installation: Plug-and-play modules require no ECU remapping or complex modifications.
  • Customizable performance: Choose from different settings to suit your driving needs and preferences.
  • Potentially improved fuel economy: Some modules optimize fuel injection for enhanced efficiency.
  • Warranty protection: Maintains your vehicle's factory warranty in most cases.
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