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Upgrade your car's performance and reliability with Radium Engineering's premium fuel system and engine control components. Shop our wide selection of universal and application-specific parts at StreetFX.

Radium Engineering is a leading manufacturer of high-performance fuel system and engine control components for motorsport enthusiasts and professional racers.

They are dedicated to providing innovative, reliable, and meticulously crafted solutions that push the boundaries of performance and reliability.

Products Offered:

  • Universal Fuel System Components: Fuel surge tanks, fuel cells, fuel filters, fuel pumps, fuel pressure regulators, and more.
  • Application-Specific Solutions: Performance parts designed specifically for popular car brands and models.
  • Catch Cans & Air Oil Separators: Improve engine performance and longevity by removing harmful contaminants from your engine's crankcase ventilation system.
  • Engine Cooling Components: Optimize engine cooling efficiency with high-quality coolant tanks and accessories.
  • Performance Fittings & Hose Ends: Ensure secure and leak-free connections throughout your fuel and engine control systems.
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