Edelbrock Performance Parts: Power Up Your Ride at StreetFX

Unleash the beast within your vehicle with Edelbrock performance parts at StreetFX. Discover camshafts, carburetors, crate engines, cylinder heads, and more to maximize power, torque, and driving exhilaration. Shop Edelbrock performance parts today!

Edelbrock, a name synonymous with performance automotive parts, has been fueling the passion of car enthusiasts for over 80 years. Founded by racing legend Vic Edelbrock Sr., the brand continues to push the boundaries of innovation, offering a comprehensive line of products to unlock the hidden potential within your vehicle.

Embrace the Thrill of Power and Performance:

  • Camshafts and Lifters: Optimize your engine's breathing with precision-engineered camshafts and lifters, designed to enhance horsepower, torque, and responsiveness.
  • Carburetors and Fuel Injection Systems: Choose from meticulously crafted carburetors for classic muscle cars or cutting-edge fuel injection systems for modern vehicles, all engineered for optimal fuel delivery and power gains.
  • Crate Engines: Ditch the rebuild and drop in a ready-to-dominate crate engine, available in various configurations to suit your specific needs and performance goals.
  • Cylinder Heads: Maximize airflow and combustion efficiency with performance-oriented cylinder heads, featuring advanced port designs and premium materials.
  • Intake Manifolds: Unlock hidden power with performance intake manifolds, meticulously designed to optimize airflow and fuel delivery for maximum performance gains.
  • Superchargers and Nitrous Oxide Kits: Experience the exhilarating surge of forced induction with Edelbrock's superchargers or unleash the raw power of nitrous oxide kits, both meticulously engineered for exhilarating performance.
  • And much more! From engine dress-up kits to water pumps, Edelbrock offers a vast array of performance parts to complete your build and elevate your ride.
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